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ALICEKEWFES Natural Herbs Beauty was established in 1999 with over many years of proven track record in treating all kinds of skin problems, with our innovative services and products made of naturally grown plants and herbal extracts. Our centre, which located at Kuala Lumpur (KL), serve its purpose to deliver the complete beauty solutions to clients within Malaysia. We are the experts in natural beauty treatment, non-surgical lifting for skin rejuvenation and acupotomy for body & health.

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Where there is balance, there is Beauty.

Our Solutions for you

We provide a ground-breaking line of beauty products that invoke the rich traditions of natural plants and herbs, optimizing benefits of each herb through modern science.

Large Pore, Acne & Scars Treatment


Learn more about effective acne treatment customized to your skin type and lifestyle.

90-Minutes Anti-Freckle Pigmentation Facial


Find out what causes skin pigmentation and see our round up of the best.

Gua Sha Detox


A powerful detoxifying treatment which can immediately reduce pain.

Microcurrent NON-Surgical Facelift


To activate facial muscles to promote skin lifting and tightening.

Dry & Sensitive Skin Treatment


Soothe and calm skin with efficacious skincare products for sensitive skin.

Back Acne


Learn about aging skin and treatment options are offered by us.


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