MDA Infusion Freckles Removal Treatment 90 mins

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  最新的雀斑去除 ***

MDA Infusion Freckles Removal Treatment (90 mins)  ONly RM 85

   MDA輸液雀斑去除治療  (90分鐘 )    

這是一種非侵入性手術,可用於治療許多皮膚雀斑問題,無需停機。 我們的標誌性微晶深層去死皮膚細胞去除和更新面部護理,通過向皮膚注入27%維生素C以防止細胞損傷,使所有皮膚類型受益。

Uneven pigmentation     色素著不均              
Fine lines                    細紋
Clogged pores               毛孔堵塞
Dry skin                                 皮膚乾燥

It is a non-invasive procedure that can be used to treat a number of skin concerns with no downtime. Our signature microdermabrasion facial designed to benefit all skin types by Infusing 27% Vitamin C into the skin to prevent cellular damage.

Published : 24-Jun-2019

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