Luxury Cell Collagen Cream 修复胶原蛋白面乳霜 (30ml)
Luxury Cell Collagen Cream 修复胶原蛋白面乳霜 (30ml) Moisturizers & Cream Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Segambut Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | ALICEKEWFES
RM 85.00
30 g

High-Moisture Wrinkle care cream that improves skin texture and improves skin elasticity.

Using for these skin type:

  • Customers who want a moisturizing cream without str skin sticky.
  • Skin that needed to strengthen skin barrier.
  • When your skin loses elasticity and looks older
Collagen, Adenosine visibly increase firmness and reduce the appearance of the lines. A rich, fast-absorbing cream energizes and deeply hydrates dry, aged skin with Soybean ferment and Portulaca Oleracea extract to give the skin a look of youthful vitalily and radiance.

Free from paraben , coloring , sulfate, alcohol.



  • 想要保湿霜而不会使皮肤发粘的顾客。
  • 需要加强皮肤屏障的皮肤。
  • 当您的皮肤失去弹性并且看起来更老时
胶原蛋白,腺苷明显增加了紧致度并减少了线条的外观。 丰富,快速吸收的乳霜能够为大豆发酵和马齿苋提取物提供深层滋润和深层保湿,让肌肤焕发青春活力。


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